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Real Talk with Barbara and Nicole

Barbara Bray and Nicole Biscotti

Our podcast is about "Authenticity in a Polarized Society." 

We may feel like we can't be authentic about having conversations with some people.

Our beliefs are valid, yet the problem could be that others are not really listening or already have their minds made up about their beliefs. Then the walls go up and we're not engaging or we're just listening to respond. When that happens, it gets in the way of our relationship.  If we only talk with people who believe as we do, then we tend to live in an echo chamber. 

What we see that could work is finding commonality around something even if we don't agree on something else.  It is all about growing the relationship; that is, IF you want to grow it.

We might not be able to share beliefs, but we can share values that may stand for things that we can believe in. If someone can give us a perspective that was thought out and meant a lot to them, we can listen to understand even if we don't agree. Listening matters!

We are Barbara Bray and Nicole Biscotti ready to talk about WHY we want to have REAL TALK with you.  We're learning all about authenticity as we talk together and have these conversations with experts on critical conversations around multiple issues. 

Listen. Enjoy. Join us at #RealTalkBN